After August


After August is a band based in Madison, WI that emerged in 2022.  They perform their own original songs in a new classic rock style and are known for their award-winning song writing, engaging harmonies, driving rhythms, and catchy riffs.  All five members of the group have played extensively in the area and bring a wide range of influences to the group.

The group’s origins came from a pandemic-era album, Tempest, produced by Bob Manor (vocals, piano, rhythm guitar) and Greg Thornburg (lead guitar).  In 2022, Sheila Shigley (vocals), Dan Kennedy (vocals, bass), and Pete Schmeling (drums and percussion) joined Bob and Greg to form After August.  Together they released their first After August album, First Sign of Trouble, in March 2024.

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Bob Manor - vocals, piano, rhythm guitar

Greg Thornburg - lead guitar

Sheila Shigley - vocals, piano

Pete Schmeling - drums and Dan Kennedy - vocals and bass